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5/5/2015 - RHS Junior Qualifier Reallocations
 The RHS committee have reallocated the Junior qualifiers from Strathallan as follows: Muirmill EC Sunday 10th May 2015 Liz Fox JD/JC Qualifier only; Tillyoch 16th & 17th May 2015 128/138/148 & Liz Fox JD/JC Junior Qualifier SNEC 23rd & 24th May 2015 Liz Fox JD/JC and 148 Qualifier only.  
3/5/2015 - RHS Senior Qualifier reallocation.
 Due to the cancellation of Strathallan today due to the weather please note the Senior RHS Qualifier classes will be held at Morris EC on Sunday 10th May 2015. The Junior Qualifiers will be reallocated shortly. 
9/4/2015 - Aged 13 25 and wishing to compete at an International Level?
 British Showjumping is pleased to announce the next opening for the 2015 International Experience Programme, a programme which was launched last year. The programme, which is aimed at riders aged 13-25 provides both support and guidance for those riders wishing to make their first step into international competition.


 Please remember that only the Scottish Branch Championships are allocated points for 2015. The first Championship - Senior Indoor will be held next weekend 18th April at Morris EC. 
3/4/2015 - Highfield @ Howe Junior Shiw
 Please note that the Junior Show will have the warm up arena indoors both days. 

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